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Expert Group Meeting & Workshop on Sustainable Modernisation

December 17, 2008

Time Programme
Wednesday, 17 December 2008
8:30 ~9:00 Registration of Participants
SESSIONⅠ  Opening of the Meeting
9:00~09:30 Welcome remark by Mr. kodjo P.Abassa,
OIC, Agricultural Prodution Systems Section (APSS) of FSSDD

· Opening remark by Mr Myungsoo Cho, Director of UNPOG
· Opening Statement by Mr. Josue Dione, Director of FSSDD
9:30~9:45 Organizationnal Matters
· Election of the Chairperson of the Meetiong
· Election of the Meeting
· Adoption of the Agenda and the Programme of Work
9:45~10:00 Coffee/Tea
Unoque features of African Agriculture and related Implications for the achievement of Green Revolution and rural Transformation
10:00~10:30 Agriculture in Western and Central Africa:
Progessor Augustine Uzo Mokwunye Uzo and Dr Davld A. Mbah
10:30~11:00 Agriculture in Southern and East Africa Ms Patrlcla Masanganlse and Dr Wllfred Ongaro
11:00~11:20 Indicators of SMART potential and readiness
11:20 ~13:00 Discussions
13:00~14:30 Lunch Breack
SEESON Ⅲ Saemaul Undong(New Community Movement) in Korea
Chairperson : Mr. Myungsoo Cho
Director, United Nations Project Office on Governance (UNPOG)
14:30~15:30 Rural Development Mvement in Korea:
With Special Focus on Saemaul Undong Professor, Tae-Myung Kim, Hannam University
15:30~16:30 Potential of Saemaul Undong for Global Appllcation
Mr. Yong-Ki Shin, Presidentm Global Foundation for Asian Community Empowerment
16:30~17:30 Local Governance through Saemaul Undong in Asian Countries
Progessor, So Jin Kwang, Kyungwon University
Time Programme
Thursday 18 Decemver 2008
Session Ⅳ : Break-out Sessions
09:00~17:00 Session A : Application of Saemaul Undong Approach to African agricultural and rural Transformation
09:00~17:00 ECA-UNPOG Saemaul Undong lnitlative on Agricultural and rural Community Development in Africa
Chairman : Prof. Uzo Mokwenye
Modertor : Dr. Ni Kumu, Frey Lungula
09:00~17:00 Session B : Development of Common SMART index
Time Programme
Friday 19 December 2008
Session V : Presentation of the results of Break-out sessions
09:00~09:40 Presentation of the results of Break-out sesslons A and B
09:40~10:00 Coffee/Tea Break
10:00~11:00 Discussions and recommendations
11:00~16:00 Preparation of report
16:40~17:15 Closiong of the Meeting
· Adoption of Conclusion and recommendations
· Closing Remarks 
Mr. Myungsoo Cho, UNPOG
Mr. Josue Dione, UNDECA

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