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United Nations Public Administration Country Studies (UNPACS)

December 1, 2011


In support of the UNPACS (United Nations Public Administration Country Studies) Portal, UNPOG has been entrusted with ensuring the completeness of information on e-Government in the Asia and Pacific region (38 countries and 1 sub-region). 

UNPOG has led the UNPACS Research Project to cover e-Government—one of the four main themes of UNPACS, with a core focus on 1) National e-Government Institutions and Officials; and 2) National e-Strategies.

The research on National e-Government Institutions and Officials was conducted by using a newly developed UNDESA template (format), which built on and incorporated existing UNDESA CIO Profiles and e-Government Strategies. In terms of the output, 56 documents with essential information on National e-Government Institutions and Officials from 37 countries and 1 sub-region in Asia and the Pacific were developed. In addition, a list of key e-Government Officials at national level in the Asia and Pacific region was produced. 

Furthermore, National e-Strategies (about 300 documents) in the Asia and Pacific region that were stored in the Stellent Document Management System were also extensively reviewed. Upon review, the National e-Strategies for 15 countries which had not been covered previously were identified. Moreover, additional research was done to verify and update the existing information on National e-Strategies for the 23 other countries and 1 sub-region.

The successful completion of the UNPACS research initiative for the Asia and Pacific region could be considered as a 'pilot project' that will help advance the development of UNPACS in the other five regions. 

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