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Iraqi Delegation on e-Government Study Tour visits UNPOG

December 4, 2013


Iraqi delegation on e-Government study tour visited UNPOG on 3 December 2013. Headed by Dr. Adil Ignaish Matloob, the Advisor to the Minister of Science and Technology, 7 senior officials of the level of director general (Chief Information Officers) from the Iraqi National e-Governance Steering Committee visited Seoul to study E-Governance programme in South Korea. UNPOG’s session was prepared for the second day of study tour to improve their understanding on UN e-Government Survey and United Nations Public Administration Country Studies (UNPACS), and to explore the possibility of future cooperation in establishing Iraqi e-Governance Centre of Excellence.

At the UNPOG session, followed by UNPOG Head’s welcoming remarks, Dr. Matloob expressed the appreciation for the session and briefly introduced the current status of e-Government in Iraq and purpose of this study tour.

The UNPOG session consisted of three presentations: 1) introduction of UNPOG; 2) presentation on UN e-Government Survey & UNPACS; and 3) presentation on mobile government based on the research report published by OECD and ITU in collaboration with UNDESA.

After the presentations, UNPOG Head suggested possible means for cooperation and the head of delegation confirmed that the Iraqi government would positively elaborate the cooperation plan.

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