Mission Statement

The United Nations Project Office on Governance promotes participatory, transparent, and effective democratic governance in order to facilitate the efforts of Member States to improve conditions for their citizens and achieve internationally agreed-upon development objectives, such as the Millennium Development Goals. Through governance research, capacity development, and advocacy, UNPOG serves as an important international and regional focal point to which governments, civil society organizations and the private sector can recur for information on government reinvention, while facilitating both North-South and South-South exchanges of good practices.

It achieves these objectives by:
building and reinforcing capacity for improved governance in UN Member States;
codifying and disseminating knowledge on governance;
promoting a sound, holistic, and historically grounded understanding of governance;
raising public awareness at all levels to strengthen political momentum in favor of participatory and transparent governance;
establishing a mechanism for the coordination, harmonization, and networking of activities of existing governance related institutions;
creating an environment of information and knowledge sharing on issues related top governance and democratization, promoting partnerships and cooperation, linkages and networking between organizations and people;
providing a platform for intellectual leadership in the conceptual development of governance, including the interface between policy, research, and advocacy.