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Korea Hosts Major Gathering to Boost Sustainable Development November 02, 2023
Korea Hosts Major Gathering to Boost Sustainable Development
INCHEON, 17 October 2023 - The eighth UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, today welcomed 100 delegates in person and over 200 participants online to the 7th Regional Symposium on Effective Governance and Digital Transformation for Accelerating Progress Towards the 2030 Agenda’ hosted by the Metropolitan City of Incheon, the Republic of Korea.
Mr. Ki-moon said: “This gathering is designed to create momentum around the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals which were adopted in 2015 in an effort to eradicate poverty and improve the quality of life for all people on this planet.”
In his welcome message, Mr. Li Junhua, Under Secretary-General, UN Department for Economic and Social Research, said: “I am confident that this 7th Regional Symposium will provide you with invaluable insights. Halfway to 2030, with your engagement and the determination of Governments and people worldwide, we can move from commitment to sustained action over the next seven years.”
H.E. Lee Sang-min Minister of the Interior and Safety, Republic of Korea, stated that “The Korean government’s efforts and innovation cases in public services can contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals worldwide and addressing shared global challenges.”
Mr. Yoo Jeongbok, Mayor, Incheon Metropolitan City Republic of Korea, expects that “This Symposium will play a pivotal role as a platform for discussing the importance of effective governance, digital innovation, and partnerships in accelerating the achievement of the 2030 Agenda, especially considering the urgent global challenges we all face, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change.”
Ms. Victorina Koa, CEO Public Service Commission, Tonga, delivered opening remarks which highlighted the return of the El Nino phenomenon. “Like other island states in the region we will have to prepare for the possibility of drought, disease outbreaks, large scale evacuations, and further damage to our fishing industry from warming seas and coral bleaching,” she said.
Mr. Saber Chowdhury, climate activist and Bangladesh politician, said: “This Regional Symposium is an opportunity to concentrate minds on the challenge before us and to deepen our understanding of the role that good, effective governance can play in eradicating poverty and inequality.” 
Ms. Malina Mehra, CEO of GLOBE International, said that “clear vision, strategic planning and foresight within and across public sectors are key concerns for all those attending this important Regional Symposium.”
The Regional Symposium which opened on 17 October will conclude on 19 October. Participants will have an opportunity to visit IFEZ Smart City Integrated Operation Centre and the National Museum of World Writing Systems.
UNPOG : Korea Hosts Major Gathering to Boost Sustainable Development
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